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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/19/00

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, George Greer wrote:

> Assuming we could write documentation, sure. :)

Assuming we really wanted to write documentation.  Blegh.  Almost as
boring as checking the results of a name generation algorithm.  (7000
names, 1/3rd were pronouncable words, a few were either close to actual
words ["vegyna" <cough>] or were words ["leafwhip"] -- after pruning for
bad results, roughly 900 good names, which are fed back into the generator
in a sort of homage to machine learning so that it might produce better
names in larger quantities on the second pass.  If anyone wants to know
why in the hell I'm doing this or how, just ask.)

> I thought you had an account in the system, contact me with a
> name/password and I'll get you one created.

<nod> I was meaning to bring that up, I must've accidentally removed it
during the proof-read and edit section of sending an e-mail (yes, I
proof-read and edit long messages, although sometimes it doesn't look it;
I type and read fast enough to where it doesn't add any significant amount
of time to sending a message).

> Correct.  You're guaranteed that it won't context switch until you hit
> a blocking function (system) call.

Hrm, I'm going to have to look at the code for the implementation details
of this system.  Not because I find it practical or useful for anything
I'm presently doing -- it's simply a matter of interest.

> Your connection manager system where you connect to a hub and it
> connects to the MUD so if the MUD drops you're still connected
> somewhere.

Ah, I thought that might be it, but I didn't want to leap into a
preliminary discussion.  I've been thinking about, but have no plans to
(or even, real interest in) implementing, a distributed Mud server
architecture based along the hub concept.  But, anyway, that's a whole
'nother bag of dead kittens.  The current design I'm thinking of for 4.0

            network manager <-------> kernel <-------> MySQL
                  |                 /   |    \
                solid             /  thread    \
              IO thread         /  expiration    \
                pool       modules   service   timed event
                  |        service               service
              IO thread

The modules service is for incorporating the actual behavior of the

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