Re: Makefile error

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/16/00

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Alex Mann wrote:

> Hi
> I recently started having trouble with my make file. I was wondering if
> anyone has any ideas.
> Makefile:28:***commands commence before first target.stop.

Look at line 28.  Is there a line beginning with a TAB there but no
preceeding target?  Most likely, it's something like:

    foobar: blah blue bleh
    [spaces]some command
    [tab]another command         <-- 28

Where "[spaces]" stands for some spaces, and "[tab]" stands for a
tab.  Commands for targets begin with tabs, not spaces.  No cheating and
using "enough" spaces.  There's no such thing.  Make sure line 27 has a
TAB instead of spaces.

If that's not it, well, my crystal ball is seg. faulting more than Office
2000 running through WINE hacked to run on an HP calculator, so you'll
need to provide a little more information.  Start with posting line 28 of
your Makefile with some context (a few lines before it, a few lines after


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