Re: Autoloot/Autosplit

From: Jerry Billings (
Date: 01/16/00

Hey I just started all over with bpl16 with dg 1.7a and oasis 2, and i wanted
to add autosplit and autoloot but when i compile here are the errors i get.
it does compile, but when i try to use the commands they dont work.

Here is the code

line 810      sprintf(local_buf,"%ld", (long)local_gold);
line 816        do_get(ch,"all corpse",0,0);
line 821       do_split(ch,local_buf,0,0);

Here are the errors i'm getting:

C:\Windows\Desktop\circle16\src\fight.c(810) : warning C4047: 'function' :
'char *' differs in levels of indirection from 'int '
C:\Windows\Desktop\circle16\src\fight.c(810) : warning C4024: 'sprintf' :
different types for formal and actual parameter 1
C:\Windows\Desktop\circle16\src\fight.c(816) : warning C4013: 'do_get'
undefined; assuming extern returning int
C:\Windows\Desktop\circle16\src\fight.c(821) : warning C4013: 'do_split'
undefined; assuming extern returning int

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