From: Edgar Watson (pidarve@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/18/00

First of all, I've got sprintbit using unsigned long long.

Someplaces, when its called, like in Oasis, or in stat object, it works
fine.  When I try to use it for AFF_ and also my PRF_ flags, if the bit is
higher than a certain number, not quiet sure what it is, sprintbit returns
nothing, I could have bit 1 << 28 by itself, with a couple others, but if i
tried to have 1 << 0 through 1 << 28 this wouldn't work, my stat character
for PRF: doesn't even show that line at all.  This happens with AFF_ too,
but in oasis it works fine!  I cant see a difference, using the same
buffers, so its not as if the buffer is too large, i've checked this.  Any
idea why?  Also, my 1 << 29 bit for ITEM_flags won't show up in the list of
settable flags in the oasis menu, the 30) doesn't even show up, but if i set
NUM_ITEM_FLAGS to 31, it just skips 30.  Oh, something else, all my
constants in constants.c are correct.

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