From: Jon A. Nielsen (
Date: 01/21/00

> Ok i know i asked this question before and everyone said to put a mob
> so they cant use it but i looked through the code on those lines and im
> really sure where to put the check i tried a few diff things which
> in more problems... i got it on about 12 diff lines all in fight.c here is
> a few lines

It's exactly the same thing you were told before;  the errors are because
you're checking a preference (PRF_X) flag against an NPC, and NPCs don't
have a structure to handle preference bits, so you need to make sure that
you put an IS_NPC() check before you do the CCx()s.  Or, you could build
IS_NPC() into the CCx()s.  I don't know what their definitions are, but I'm
sure it's something like:

#define CCRED(vict, colour) (PRF_FLAGGED(vict, colour) ? (colour code for
red) : "")

Just change it to:

#define CCRED(vict, colour) (IS_NPC(vict) ? (PRF_FLAGGED(vict, colour) ?
(colour code for red) : "") : "")

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