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From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 01/21/00

Another piece of software people might look at is TextPad (
It is very nice, and allows you to save in Windows or UNIX format, has great
macros, and all kinds of add-ons.

I use it, it's very nice (and if I wasn't so poor at the moment, I might
register [there's a small nag]).


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Peter Babcock wrote:
> Hi All
> i was just wondering if any one knows of an editor for windows
> just like VI
> why u might ask well in South Africa we pay for each min we are online
> so i like to do coding off line and if i edit the circle code in a windows
> program like notepad or wordpad it leaves funny chars at the end of the
> and well u can imaging what the linux compiler thinks of that

gvim does the job grandly, it's got a windows port available, and is
nearly 100% compatible with vi :)  there's pre-compiled binaries available.


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