Re: CircleMUD's Future (was: Re: Player's position)

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 01/21/00

I got really bored and am porting CircleMUD to Java for no good reason.
Mainly, Java's my first real OOP language, and so I'm going to translate to
see where I can go from there.  When I'm done, I'll probably just toss it
out for everyone to have, I think it will end up being more of a novelty
than anything else[1].

What I'm going to do is directly translate (in other words, no modifications
of functionality until I'm done[2]) so that it runs nearly exactly like
Circle in C does.  Next term, when I take C++, I'll probably work on a
modification in that area (looking at LexiMUD, too).  I just want to try it


P.S.:  Visual Basic - Object Oriented?  Hmm.

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>[C++ port and goals snipped]

[various goals and accomplishments snipped]

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