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From: Mac Manson (
Date: 01/21/00

Infinite Planes (4545) has it set so that when you start the
game you are a journeyman I believe. You have no skills, and can only use
nonspecialized items. After you make it to level 3 you have to join a guild
to make anymore progress. You join a guild by offering to join, for which
you have to strip all eq off. It is for a stat check, which cant be modified
by eq, if your offer is accepted, you join. Otherwise it tells you what the
reason your offer was refused. Which could run from not enough stats, to
your already in a guild. They do allow you to multiclass several times, and
have layers of classes, where you need to have been a certain class to be
eligible for the second class (first tier wizard, second tier arch mage).
log in and do a help classes for more info on it. When you multiclass, you
also can't you spells/skills unless you are the right level still. so no
first level casting a thirtieth level spells

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> But then you'd be back to the whole class thing, I think what he
> wants is to
> keep your skills after you quit but maybe loos exp and gold,
> something like
> that.
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> << I didn't get the impression that Alex is asking for code...  I thought
>  that he was looking for conceptual ideas.
>  In fact, I don't think he used the word code or patch anywhere.
> He didn't
>  even ask HOW to do it, just asked if anyone had done it or if anyone had
>  any ideas on this topic.
>  Personally, I think it's a great idea.  Maybe even have it where you just
>  learn skills instead of a class.  Perhaps set some skills that you
>  can't have in conjuction with others, i.e. you could mix some thaumaturgy
>  skills for a rogue-like character, but if you tried to add a sorcery
>  related skill from a guild then you aren't allowed - maybe the sorcery
>  instructor just laughs at you for being a warrior brute that can't learn
>  real wizardry. >>
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