bpl17 + Oasis 2.0

From: Bob Castillo (castillo7@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/22/00

        Hello everyone, i'm moving my MUD from bpl 12 to bpl 17 with Oasis OLC 2.0,
and i'm getting a problem: 1 of my immortal is having a bad connection... if
he's in OLC (he was in redit) and his ISP drop, or his phone line drop, he
will stay in OLC... his descriptor doesn't get disconnected... (we tried: if
he close his connection there's no problem... but, if he drop line... no way
        "DC command" don't allow me to disconnect him, and he can't log back
in, it's say: invalid name... The only solution to me is to reboot the MUD,
and that's pretty annoying!

        Anyone experience, a similar problem? Is there an other solution
instead of a reboot?


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