Re: bpl17 snapshot

From: Del (
Date: 01/21/00

It should install without admin privy's..

I can also login using the latest version if you wish.. send me addy's

George Greer wrote:
> [ As suspected, Zugg didn't even log into the test MUDs I ran for him.  He
> insisted I try it even after explaining that I do not have Windows.  So
> until I can figure out how to install zMUD on the lab NT machines I don't
> have administrative access to, I can't test it. ]
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Del wrote:
> >I would like to Thank George for taking all our considerations,
> >complaints, thoughts, or what ever when making changes to the code. There
> >was a huge debate over the Telnet problem, and I greatly appreciate the
> >the way the change was implemented.
> Don't thank me yet, I have a new idea.
> Someone mentioned that NAOFFD and NAOCRD were defaults anyway.  So, if
> they're defaults, we shouldn't have to send them.  If we don't send them,
> the clients shouldn't be confused.
> So if I can remove them and keep all clients happy (as in, you can see what
> you're typing again), I'll do that and yank the BROKEN_BUT_COMPATIBLE
> stuff.  If it doesn't work, I'll leave the code in there, though I'd rather
> not.
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