From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 01/24/00

Hey all,
While listening to teachers drone on about what's going to be on the
midterm for the class, my mind got to wandering and I had a few ideas
about body systems in MUDs.  As the ultimate goal for my MUD is to be as
realistic as possible, I've been thinking about adding a body part system
to the MUD, although the implementation of such a system is where I
falter.  I came up with the following sort of idea:

struct part_data {
  int condition;  // range (0-100) of body parts status
  struct obj_data *obj_on_part; // object information about the object on
such a part(i.e. shield on arm)
  int artificial; // is the part artificial?
  int replaceable; // can the part be replaced? (heads aren't replaceable
or something similar)


struct body_data {
  int overall; // overall condition of their body
  struct part_data *parts[NUM_PARTS]; // array of body parts(head, chest,
larm, rarm, lleg, rleg, etc. etc.)

and adding something like 'struct body_data *body' to the player
structure.  I ran into the problem of how to save it though, as I don't
know what kind of variable to add to the file structure, and I don't know
if this system would necessarily work under the current idea.  Anyway,
this was just an idea that I was thinking of bouncing off of you guys,
and I was wondering what you thought of it, and any suggestions you may
have to improve upon it or to add features.  Let me know what you think!


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world to see, what makes you think you are better than
me?" -Everclear, Like A California King, 1997

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