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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 01/24/00

<< Hey all,
 While listening to teachers drone on about what's going to be on the
 midterm for the class, my mind got to wandering and I had a few ideas
 about body systems in MUDs.  As the ultimate goal for my MUD is to be as
 realistic as possible, I've been thinking about adding a body part system
 to the MUD, although the implementation of such a system is where I
 falter.  I came up with the following sort of idea: >>

I just recently implemented a system like this into TimeTraveller.  It's
basically a limb-based damage system, in which players attack various parts
of eachothers (and NPCs) limbs, as well as NPCs doing damage to player limbs.
 The extention of this leads to players needing to bandage their own wounds,
less they bleed and therefore lose HP..

A glance at diagnose, while a player is injured:

Sarah Hunter is currently bleeding slightly from her head, bleeding
slightly from her torso, bleeding heavily from her left arm, missing
her right hand, bleeding uncontrollably from her legs, and needs medical

Players are injured during battle, which occasionally does damage to their
limbs, based on their armor strength.  Limbs that are damaged so strongly,
such as Sarah above, will fall off, and therefore will take any eq with them.
 Players cannot wear/use eq in a 'missing' slot (example - right hand missing
means plr can't wield anything, or wear anything in the FINGER_R, or WRIST_R
slot).  Limbs that have fallen off can only be healed in the hospital
(another addition to TT).  Bleeding limbs can be healed by purchasing
bandages or lotions, and applying them to the wounds.

The help file basically sums it up the best, really:

TimeTraveller's new limb-based damage system customizes combat by allowing
players to be attacked in several body parts, with ranging damages.  For
example,being hit in the head will cause more damage than a hit to the foot.

Limbs themselves will also take damage, and eventually (if the unfortunete
incident occurs), fall off.  Limbs that fall off are no longer able to hold
equipment in their corresponding slot, and any equipment currently there will
be removed.

Limbs can be healed in several ways.  The APPLY command is the easiest method,
but requires having sometype of bandage or lotion available (purchasable at
stores around the globe).  Simply use the following syntax:

APPLY <object name> <player name>

... to apply the object to the player's body part that you typed in.
types of bandages often heal different amounts, so be sure to stay prepared.

Another way to heal your limbs (and replace them) is to visit the hospital in
Jouir de' Ile.  Within the emergency rooms, you can have wounds fully healed
by the wonders of science, and even have full limbs replaced.

As with is with all wounds, the more you leave them open, the more pain
they cause.  Wounds that are left untended to will continually irritate the
player (by taking away HP) until they're bandaged up completely.

If you have any questions on this new feature, contact GM Robert Deleard.

Anyways, yes, there are CircleMUDs running this system, and yes, I'll give
you a bit of help if you need it.  But no, I cannot release my code quite
yet, I'm afraid.  Sorry.

Though, what I am considering releasing, is my new PLR2 code.  What I've done
(in accordance with the limb based damage).  I honestly didn't feel like
installing ASCII pfiles, but I needed more space (50 ints, to be exact).  So
I went through the trouble of creating another, 'secondary' binary pfile,
allowing me to add my to my plr2 structure at will.  This pfile contains
non-essential data, meaning that I can do a 'secondary pfile wipe' at any
time, saving the players the hassle of normal pwipes.

As soon as I polish up this code (maybe make it easier to implement), I'll
release it to any interested parties.  If the reaction is good, I'll
publically release it with whatever changes were suggested. :-)

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