Re: Ethics.

From: Phill & Gigi Ahrens (
Date: 01/25/00

> Absolutely! Anyone invading people's privacy like that should be
> shot!

Just thought I would throw in my .02 worth...

I would have to agree with the security issues as far as logging passwords,
you would just be looking for trouble down the line, and all for the sake of
a few poeple that can't remember a password.

As far as a users privacy goes... the way I see it is, nothing on someone
else's server should be considered private. I am not sure about the current
laws concerning material stored on a server but back in the BBS days, even
"private" e-mail was scanned to make sure nothing illegal was going on
(passing stolen credit card numbers and the like). If someone is that
concerned about privacy, I think the only way to really get it would be to
become the proud new owner of a server and or mud and start their own.

Well, I think that should do it for my once a year post to the list...

Phill Ahrens

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