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Yeah... talk about not using encryption, check out an article I wrote.  It's
linked from my homepage at:

I discovered that with a simple search engine such as AltaVista, and a web
browser, you could pull a list of hundreds of thousands of credit card
numbers from online stores.  You just had to know where to look.  Those
numbers were stored in plain text and normally were accompanied by info
such as the cardholder's name, address, phone and e-mail.  Several sites
had plain text logs of EVERY ORDER since the site went up.

I bet THOSE people wish that encryption had been used rather than plain

Sure, a MUD generally doesn't have credit card numbers, but a password
is sometimes only one step away from it...

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> Absolutely! Anyone invading people's privacy like that should be
> shot!

Just thought I would throw in my .02 worth...

I would have to agree with the security issues as far as logging passwords,
you would just be looking for trouble down the line, and all for the sake of
a few poeple that can't remember a password.

As far as a users privacy goes... the way I see it is, nothing on someone
else's server should be considered private. I am not sure about the current
laws concerning material stored on a server but back in the BBS days, even
"private" e-mail was scanned to make sure nothing illegal was going on
(passing stolen credit card numbers and the like). If someone is that
concerned about privacy, I think the only way to really get it would be to
become the proud new owner of a server and or mud and start their own.

Well, I think that should do it for my once a year post to the list...

Phill Ahrens

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