Versioning w/ Oasis

From: StormeRider (
Date: 01/30/00

I'm looking to add versioning to Oasis, where when a file is written,
it will tack a version number to the top of the file.

Obviously, I have to set the appropriate save* routines to write it to
the file, and change the boot functions to read it, but that isn't my
concern so much.

Is there any easy way to have it save all of the data files? Ie, a function
that will save all mob files, all zone files, all world files, etc., etc., etc.
Or would I just be better to change the boot/load functions, shutdown,
write a script to add the one line to the files, and then start the MUD
back up?

Once I have the code in, I would imagine that I could check to see if the
version number given during boot/loading sequence is the current one,
and if not, then read it in, and write it back out with the new version right

I know versioning was talked about 1-2 years back, so I imagine that
several people here are now doing it, and any recommendations will be
considered and appreciated.

George, would it make sense to actually add this support to the generic
either Circle or Oasis code to enable people to do this flexibly?


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