Re: Versioning w/ Oasis

From: StormeRider (
Date: 01/31/00

At 07:25 PM 1/30/00 -0800, Neal Lahndorff wrote:
>If you're going to add new fields that will change file formats, its
>a hell of a lot quicker to just alter your *edit_save_to_disk functions
>to insert default values into the new fields, save every zone, fix the
>rest of your code to read in the new format, and boom, you're done.
>No hand editing, and no need for 50 different versions of the parse_room
>function because of added fields.  Having to maintain some semblence of
>order in db.c where you need any number of version of parse_room because
>of multiple format changes would be a hideous nightmare.
>StormeRider wrote:
> >
> > Ie, a long time back I wrote a patch that sits on the ftp site as
> > areas.patch. It adds a few
> > more fields to the zone file format. Once you have applied the patch,
> > you must go through _every_ zone file and _by hand_ add in the
> > additional fields.
> >
> > With versioning, you can see that the version is lesser than the
> > current, so you don't try to scanf with an incorrect format, you
> > add in default values to the struct, and let the MUD
> > integrate default values, write it back out in the new version, and you
> > never have to hand edit your area files.

The way I plan on doing it is this:

* code new fields in the save, etc., functions.
* increment version #
* change the load function to read in the old version if the version is one
   less than the current, then save it right away, bringing it up to the new
* at leisure, change the load functions to only read the current version.

This way I only really need to do one reboot/copyover, not two, and I don't
have to write something to save all zones, and I don't have to do it manually.


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