Re: bad emails

From: Alex (
Date: 01/31/00

> I don't know the e-mail addresses of the DikuMUD team off-hand.
I think that has at least Michael Seifert's
email address on it.

> I don't think most people are trying to contact them for any good
> reason
Well, according to the license, you are supposed to inform them if
you put a mud online.

> The developers of CircleMUD are:
Damn.  I feel weird not having a 'real' address.

> I don't know what Alex's box is, but you can track down his
> regular e-mail address most probably in the list FAQ,
The list FAQ, the CircleMUD FAQ, heck, my address seems to be disgustingly
well known, judging by the random pieces of pr0n spam I receive on a daily
basis.  *sigh*


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