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From: Mac Manson (
Date: 01/31/00

--->> Well, according to the license, you are supposed to inform them if
--->> you put a mud online.
--->True.  But somehow I don't think they'd like to get e-mail
--->from the 20 new
--->DikuMuds per day.  Correct me if I'm wrong here, of course,
--->but I seem to
--->recall one of the developers stating it wasn't necessary.

Well at least one of the original Diku people respond, even if it is
automated. Although he will talk to you if you use his more used email

Direct from Mr. Hammer:

[This is an automated response: If your message was an indication of a new
Diku opening, thanks - it's been filed]

Hi there,

You have mailed to me at my account. Most people who do this are
trying to contact me regarding the DikuMud game which I was partially
responsible for developing some years back. Today, I am no longer involved
with its development or distribution, and I have not kept track of the many
variants of the software which have been circulated.

If you need to contact me on other matters, please use the email address
below. Otherwise, I suggest that you take your questions online, e.g.. to
the newsgroup which has an excellent FAQ.



Sebastian Hammer        <>            Index Data ApS
Ph.: +45 3536 3672    <>    Fax: +45 3536 0449

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