Re: Crash Recovery Techniques

From: StormeRider (
Date: 03/01/00

At 06:58 PM 3/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>         On my MUD, I implemented a very simple system that will use
>signals to detect when a segmentation fault occurs and directly
>afterwards will automatically "copyover" the MUD.  It also tells the
>last command that was typed and the person who typed it.  This
>system works great but it's not as extensive as I want it.
>         I once IMM'd on a MUD once that had a very nice crash
>recovery system that would somehow recover from the crash and
>display a GDB type output that would show what section of code
>the MUD crashed at on syslog.  Another cool feature is the players
>wouldn't even know the crash happened.  The world would be
>restored to it's original state.
>         If anyone has done some extensive crash recovering I'd really
>like to know.
 >      Pat (aka Manx)

I've done this on a ROM MUD and I've been working on porting it to
my CircleMUD. Basically the theory behind it is when you get a signal
to crash (SIGSEGV, etc.), fork a new process and have it copyover.
Then once that is set, under the old process dump a core and exec
a script to autodebug it.

I almost have it working, ask back in another month or so. Right now
I'm arguing with Mandrake 6.5 to give me some core files.... Anyone
here dealt with 6.5 and found the solution to that? It seems there is
a hard limit somewhere for 0 in the core setting.


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