From: L A (
Date: 03/02/00

Hi all.

This is my first post on this mailinglist.

I have a few Newbie questions and hope someone would / could help me.

I'd really like to start my own MUD on a local server. But at the moment I
only have 2 computers logged on to the server. Can it be done like that ?

And Can I play from the server also ?

What files would a MUD require for running ? I have a Linux server set up
But can you run a MUD from a Win NT server as well ?

Also I have a question about classes:

How do I implement classes for Remort only and how do I implement the spells

(They are probably just FAQ's. But I'd really like to know as I'm trying to
start up a MUD first on a local server, and when it's running then I was
thinking about logging it to the net.)


LPA (Lars)
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