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Date: 03/02/00

L A wrote:

> Hi all.
> This is my first post on this mailinglist.
> I have a few Newbie questions and hope someone would / could help me.
> I'd really like to start my own MUD on a local server. But at the moment I
> only have 2 computers logged on to the server. Can it be done like that ?
> And Can I play from the server also ?

  You can run a MUD locally if you like and just leave it running in the
background. Then you can telnet in locally and play from the machine that's
hosting it -- many admins jump in to their own MUDs in this fashion.
  If you're just running, say, a LAN at home, your friends can connect via
telnet so long as you've assigned an IP address to your LAN card. To get a
wider audience you need a static IP address to the outside world -- probably
from cable modem or DSL.

> What files would a MUD require for running ? I have a Linux server set up
> But can you run a MUD from a Win NT server as well ?

  You'll need to fetch the source code from the MUD ftp side. Go to and you'll find a link to the ftp directory. Grab
Circle source (I use the latest patchlevel myself, bpl17) and
unzip/untar/uncompress it on your system. There's a readme file and a configure
file included for various forms of setup.

> Also I have a question about classes:
> How do I implement classes for Remort only and how do I implement the spells
> ?

  This is a code issue, and is best handled once you've gotten the MUD up and
running! (You can't very well make changes to the code base if the thing
doesn't compile.)
  Remorting isn't really a stock Circle thing, so you'll need to code a command
for that. If you want a class to be remort only, then you just make it
unavailable during character creation. That's simple enough; remort should have
a different procedure anyway. You would make remort a command, one that's only
usable by someone of immortal levels, that starts a while-do loop requesting a
new class choice until it gets an answer. (You probably want one of the legal
answers to be a letter indicating "Cancel, I don't want to remort right now.")
Then you just reset the class variable to the new class, and reset experience
down to whatever new level you want the remort. (Some places might remort you
at level 1 with no experience; some as level 3 or 10 or something; some might
depend on the class.)

Best of luck,
Jess Heinig

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