Re: (newbie) question

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 03/05/00

> mattcpu wrote:
> I tried compiling what brian sent to the circle mud ftp
> and came up with some errors and for some reason
> it wouldn't creat the excutable program to run.
> the errors and warnings are as follows if anyone has
> some ideas on how to get it to work let me know.
> d:\circlemud\circle30bpl17\src\autowiz.c(179) : warning C4018: '<=' :
> signed/unsigned mismatch
> d:\circlemud\circle30bpl17\src\autowiz.c(199) : warning C4018: '<=' :
> signed/unsigned mismatch
> avatar.c

those mean that there's something like:

unsigned int x;
int y;
// do someting with x and y
if (x <= y) {
    // do something if x is <= to y

However as x is unsigned that comparison will always be false.  I
thought autowiz.c was also in the utils directory...

[snip previously answered avatar.c stuff]

> also at the end i got a Error executing c1.exe and the workspase for
> mscv 6 is set to make circle.exe not c1.exe

c1.exe is the name of part of the MSVC C compiler, it should be in the
Prog files/MS visual studio/VC98/bin.  The workspace was done for your
version of VC (not that it should matter)


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