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From: William A Romano (
Date: 03/05/00

Zeavon>        As a player, what is the minimum world size that you would
like to
Zeavon>see in a world to play there? I realize that bigger is better (so
long as
Zeavon>quality isn't sacrificed for quantity) but would about 1800 rooms be
Zeavon>enough to keep you guys satisfied for a month or so while the rest of
Zeavon>world is developed?


I'd say that world size is directly tied to player base size. Most newbies
aren't going to care about the high level areas, & most high level
wont care about low level areas.

As long as there are enough rooms to let people kill when they want to
(without having to wait for a zone repop) I'd say you're good to go.

This response also assumes that the main activity on your mud is killing,
if you've gone UO style & coded other exp gaining, or character advancing
ways, apply the same theory.

On QS, we've got ~12k rooms, & normally have anywhere from 10-30 people
on.  Because a good chunk of our classes are alignment specific (paladins,
rangers, demon worshippers, etc) we needed to provide multiple zones for
different alignments so people could kill & maintain their alignment
at all levels.

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity 4000

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