InterPort Communications

From: Pat O'Laughlin (
Date: 03/09/00

On a developing MUD with more than one port it would be alot easier for some sort of
feature that would allow for communication (wiznet, tell, etc) and other things (who,
etc) between ports.  An example, I could type who -b and it would be nice if the MUD
would display who is on the port that I am on and the other port (building port).  Now, I
have a few ideas about this, but I know there has to be a better way than writing data
to a file every once in a while for both ports to get its information from.  I also have the
idea that some sort of socket connection could be established between the two ports
allowing for communication in that form.  Can someone give me some pointers?

aka Manx
Coder of Chaotic Empires 6000

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