Re: [Off Topic] [Newbie] running as root

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 03/08/00

Bob Kucejko wrote:
> Uhm.. is that bad?  The only way i could get the circlemud file transfered
> over to linux was through windows and it wouldn't let me gunzip from any
> other user than root.  What am i doing to myself here? =)

CircleMUD does not need any of root privileges to work, and root means
full control over the machine. If your CircleMUD is running as root and
some hacker discover some hole on CircleMUD, it may run some shell over
the mud connection with *root*privileges*, and then, run something like
"rm -rf /". All data on your machine will be lost.

Tip: create a non-root user and run mud using it. Give read access to
your windows partition to him or after get a file from the windows
partition, run "chown your_non_root_user file.tar.gz" and switch to

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