Re: [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

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Date: 03/08/00

If you already checked the FAQ, and WTFAQ, please say so. It will avoid
problems such as myself becomming a fool by telling you something you

If you want to make a patch to apply to your original code, why
not just copy the files over once it is proven?
Did you follow the FAQ?

Also do "patch --help" to find out all the options available.

from FAQ

2.7 How do I use a patch file and how can I make one?

These are the various parameters to use with diff (all work in general on
unix based systems, but check out the help entries to be certain.

diff -uN [original_src_directory] [altered_src_directory] > Patch

-u is the unified output. ie. it tells diff to output the text what is
called ``patch'' style. On some systems, you will have to use -c but it
generates much larger and harder to follow patches.

-N Tells diff to treat files that are in one directory and not there in the
other as being empty in the one they are not there. It allows entire files
to be included into the patch.

-r recursive, add r to the uN above if you want it to recursively add in any
subdirectories. (be careful with this one)

-p Tells diff to indicate what function is being ``patched'' in each
section. This may not be supported by all versions of ``diff.''

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I realize that.  I had a friend put in extra exits
for me, and he used the patch syntax described in
the FAQ.  The problematic thing was that even though
he only made a few mods to redit.c and oasis.c, it
put minus signs for the WHOLE file, and added the whole
file back was HUGE...That's why i asked the
question, despite it being in the FAQ.

Snaga has read the Faq

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