Re: [Off Topic] [Newbie] running as root

From: Bob Kucejko (
Date: 03/08/00

Uhm.. is that bad?  The only way i could get the circlemud file transfered
over to linux was through windows and it wouldn't let me gunzip from any
other user than root.  What am i doing to myself here? =)

> Hi George.
> > _Please_ do not tell me you are running the MUD as root...
> May be interesting to add this to main() function of CircleMUD:
> #ifdef CIRCLE_UNIX
> if (!getuid()) {
>   fprintf(stderr, "Please, *DO*NOT* run CircleMUD as root! Someone may
> get hurt!\r\n");
>   exit(1);
> }
> #endif
> This will encourage newbie coders to learn more about the OS before
> running CircleMUD.
> This idea may be enhanced by adding a touch(KILLSCRIPT_FILE), and an
> entry to the running.doc file explaining this.

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