Re: [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

From: Christopher Daly (
Date: 03/08/00

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From: Del <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>
Date:         Tue, 7 Mar 2000 17:54:20 -0500
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

> All these questions are answered in the FAQ and WTFAQ.
> Christopher Daly wrote:
> >
> > I know the syntax for using a patch, but am having
> > trouble making one.  My coder has a different dir
> > from the main source (so if something gets messed
> > up, it's not fatal) and i would rather make patches
> > since they should go cleanly (they're the exact same
> > mud in different dirs).  What would the syntax
> > be for creating a patch?

I realize that.  I had a friend put in extra exits
for me, and he used the patch syntax described in
the FAQ.  The problematic thing was that even though
he only made a few mods to redit.c and oasis.c, it
put minus signs for the WHOLE file, and added the whole
file back was HUGE...That's why i asked the
question, despite it being in the FAQ.

Snaga has read the Faq

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