[Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

From: Bob Kucejko (Frostbob@sprynet.com)
Date: 03/07/00

I'm a newbi mud coder with a moderate background in c++ so i can get
around in coding without much hassle.  I'm still learning and am picking
things up quite rapidly as I stare at it blankly for hours on end.  My
biggest problem is getting over the linux/windows barrier.  I went out
and got linux instead of investing in MSVC because it was cheaper.  =)
 Also, I'm planning on buying a new computer and make it dedicated to a
linux server.  My current platform is partitioned between linux and
win98.  I have two questions.  First, I am attempting to add a few
snippets, including OLC but I am quite unfamiliar with the patch
command.  Please, any hints would help me a great deal including which
directory the file should be in and which directory i should be in.  My
second question, which doesn't apply to my current position but soon to 
be, is how do I create a linux server?  Once i get the OS up and 
running, how do I find an internet provider, dsl server, whatever to
give me rights to my domain name I'm going to regester?  once again, 
anything would be greatly appreciated, even a site or service to go read 
about.  thanks.


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