Re: [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

From: Christopher Daly (
Date: 03/07/00

I know the syntax for using a patch, but am having
trouble making one.  My coder has a different dir
from the main source (so if something gets messed
up, it's not fatal) and i would rather make patches
since they should go cleanly (they're the exact same
mud in different dirs).  What would the syntax
be for creating a patch?

thanks, and pardon the stupid question.
Snaga of PerP

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From: Susan Douglas <>
Date:         Tue, 7 Mar 2000 17:53:03 -0400
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

> From one NEWBIE to another:
> >Also, I'm planning on buying a new computer and make it dedicated to
> a
> linux server.
> Woo hooo!!!!!
> >I am quite unfamiliar with the patch command.
> the normal mode of operation is put the patch in your src directory
> and type
> 'patch < this_is_the_patch_file.patch.  It will them do it's merry
> thing and
> produce *.rej  which are reject files.  You then have to go through
> all the
> reject files and patch them by hand. :P
> My suggestion is to patch by hand in the first place.  It's easier
> and you
> get to know the code better.
> What I do is open the patch file in Notepad (Tool of champions!)  FTP
> into
> your server, grab the file you need to edit. Cut and paste the code
> changes.
> Then put the file back on your server.
> >Once i get the OS up and running, how do I find an internet
> provider, dsl
> server, whatever to give me rights to my domain name I'm going to
> regester?
> If you are running CircleMUD, I remember someone telling me you can
> get a
> domain name.
> I can't help you with the other things.  I'm lucky that my employer
> is
> letting me use one of their IP's for free!  I have my old 486 running
> Linux
> and am having a ball!
> Susan
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