Re: [Newbi] patching in RedHat 6.1

From: Susan Douglas (
Date: 03/07/00

From one NEWBIE to another:

>Also, I'm planning on buying a new computer and make it dedicated to a
linux server.
Woo hooo!!!!!

>I am quite unfamiliar with the patch command.

the normal mode of operation is put the patch in your src directory and type
'patch < this_is_the_patch_file.patch.  It will them do it's merry thing and
produce *.rej  which are reject files.  You then have to go through  all the
reject files and patch them by hand. :P

My suggestion is to patch by hand in the first place.  It's easier and you
get to know the code better.

What I do is open the patch file in Notepad (Tool of champions!)  FTP into
your server, grab the file you need to edit. Cut and paste the code changes.
Then put the file back on your server.

>Once i get the OS up and running, how do I find an internet provider, dsl
server, whatever to give me rights to my domain name I'm going to regester?

If you are running CircleMUD, I remember someone telling me you can get a domain name.

I can't help you with the other things.  I'm lucky that my employer is
letting me use one of their IP's for free!  I have my old 486 running Linux
and am having a ball!


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