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Date: 03/11/00

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Robert Moon wrote:

> (strlen(buf) >= MAX_STRING_LENGTH - 70)" check.  Accordingly, I am planning
> on increasing the value of MAX_STRING_LENGTH from is current size of 8192
> to something larger.  I can't think of any "cons" by doing so, but I wanted
> to get feedback from the newslist to be sure.  Does anyone see potential

I bumped MAX_STRING_LENGTH up to 24576 and the only thing that I noticed
that was different (other than having longer strings) was that the mud
used a little more RAM. Sorry, can't give you precise numbers, it was
about three years ago when I did this and I really don't remember what the
growth was like.

I looked through stock bpl17 code and I didn't see that it would cause any
need for a pfile conversion, but I would backup everything before doing
something like this just in case...

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