[CODE] Multiple olc permissions with ascii pfiles

From: Josh Anderson (joshua18@home.com)
Date: 03/11/00

I've been looking through the mailing list and found some code for having
your builders have multiple permission settings so they can build in more
than one zone.  (I'm using bpl16 with Oasis.)  However, that still only
allows for a builder to have a maximum of x zones to build in and if I
wanted them to have more than x I'd have to convert pfiles and such.  I was
wondering if anyone who uses Oasis and ascii pfiles (Sammy's) has a way of
letting the Imp set a builder's zones so they could have, for example, zone
1-10 and 12 and 15, or even all zones, rather than having just a set amount
of zones that a builder can have as a maximum.  Also, I was trying to work
out how the settings therefore were saved and retrieved into/from the pfile.
Any help would be appreciated.

Josh Anderson

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