Re: problems wsock32.dll network card

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/14/00

> after a lot of messing about I found a way around the problem i had with
> wsock32.dll please look to a email I sent some days ago.
        I don't think I ever saw that email.

> About the same time as I installed the latest version of Microsoft
> Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I popped in a networks card, but
> as needed to format I burned a Backup CD, removed the card formatted and
> plonked everything back again (except the network card) I got my mud up
> and going again. Installed the Microsoft IE and Outlook Express still no
> problems, just one minor one, two really.

        Uhm. I'm starting to get confused.. you installed IE and Outlook,
and then put in a network card, and then had to format your system.  You
just made a copy of everything...removed the card, put it all back, and
then....saw problems (assuming the network card still isn't in there), and
then installed IE and Outlook, again, and had some minor problems (listed

        So, no network card, restored from backup after format,
re-installed ie and outlook (assuming they were on the backup disk). The
mud ran after you installed. No listed reason for doing any of this, but
it was done all the same.

> 1. No link partys.

        You got me there. I have no idea what that means.

> 2. I installed Cynus into C:\ and circle onto D:\ and I was blowed if I
> could not get cygnus to change discs.

        I'm assuming you i have no idea what you're talking
about.  You're a very confusing individual.  You can't "change disks" ?
You mean, run an application from one hard drive while having your current
working directory on another harddrive?  That's simple, just reference the
application with the full path.

Ex: d:\temp> c:\program files\my apps\myapp.exe
        >runs myapp.exe<

> Questions though not important, 1. can my mud and network card live in
> the same box?  2. can cygnus and circle be on two different discs?

        1. Yes.  Why couldn't they be?
        2. Yes.  Why couldn't they be?

        Note: i'm not making fun of you.  It's just that there are alot of
problems with this message.  The english is not the best, but the
references are vague enough that when coupled with the bad english , they
are unreadable.  Aside from that, there are real questions as to what
you're trying to do, and what errors you have seen, and what looks like
large sections of procedures you've performed which have been simply left

        We need a better starting point to even begin to question what
your situation is.  Please write with more information, such as specific
errors, especially those that prompted you to format your disk, and assume
that IE and Outlook were causing problems, as well those concerning a
network card which seems to float in and out of the story with no apparent


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