problems wsock32.dll network card

Date: 03/14/00

Hi all.

after a lot of messing about I found a way around the problem i had with wsock32.dll please look to a email I sent some days ago.

About the same time as I installed the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I popped in a networks card, but as needed to format I burned a Backup CD, removed the card formatted and plonked everything back again (except the network card) I got my mud up and going again. Installed the Microsoft IE and Outlook Express still no problems, just one minor one, two really.

1. No link partys.
2. I installed Cynus into C:\ and circle onto D:\ and I was blowed if I could not get cygnus to change discs.

Questions though not important,
1. can my mud and network card live in the same box?
2. can cygnus and circle be on two different discs?

I am sorry if these questions have been answered other places and other times.

Regards Neal Robinson.

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