Re: problems wsock32.dll network card

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Date: 03/14/00

I am currently running a mud on a large network with multiple Cards.

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Subject: [CIRCLE] problems wsock32.dll network card

> Hi all.
> after a lot of messing about I found a way around the problem i had with
wsock32.dll please look to a email I sent some days ago.
> About the same time as I installed the latest version of Microsoft
Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I popped in a networks card, but as
needed to format I burned a Backup CD, removed the card formatted and
plonked everything back again (except the network card) I got my mud up and
going again. Installed the Microsoft IE and Outlook Express still no
problems, just one minor one, two really.
> 1. No link partys.
> 2. I installed Cynus into C:\ and circle onto D:\ and I was blowed if I
could not get cygnus to change discs.
> Questions though not important,
> 1. can my mud and network card live in the same box?
> 2. can cygnus and circle be on two different discs?
> I am sorry if these questions have been answered other places and other
> Regards Neal Robinson.
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