Re: There any snippet to make the death more true?

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 03/17/00

Khayman wrote:
> Hi friends.

Hello my brazilian friend!

> There are any snippet that give a best look to death?
> Ex.: The guy die, so while your corpse is in the game, every time that he
> log in the game, he will send to a place like heave or hell, until somebody
> ressurrect him or he will wait some time until your body poofout.

If you are from Brazil, you may known the mud that I implement, Abba's
World ( that have exactely what you want. We
written the spirits code from scratch, using a stock CircleMUD 3.0 bpl

While dead (as a spirit), the player has some diferent kind of
invisibility, and mortals need the affection "talk with dead" to feel
theyr presence. Corpses are different objects (not containers) and have
some marks to identify the spirit that lived on it.

The start room for dead spirits is "The Realm of the Death" (room #99).
Some mortal can use 'talk with dead' and 'summon' spells to transfer the
spirit to mortal world, and it becomes a wandering spirit.

The entire code was changed to support this. They can't be attacked by
some mobile, can't be killed, can't cast spells, can't get/use/wear
objects, can't talk (say) with alive mortals, can walk over unswimmable
water, have innate 'fly', and lots of other things.

The 'raise dead' spell can be used to raise a spirit to your own corpse,
and 'ressurect' to create another corpse for the spirit (in the case of
disintegration or maggot consuming).

At this moment, I am working on some way to players automatic ressurect
before theyr corpses to be consumed.

This coincidence... are you thinking to create other MUD, concurrent of

May be in the future I create a snippet to implement this on CircleMUD,
for non-coders to easily copy our idea. (laughs)


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