Re: There any snippet to make the death more true?

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 03/17/00

> Ex.: The guy die, so while your corpse is in the game, every time that he
> log in the game, he will send to a place like heave or hell,
> until somebody
> ressurrect him or he will wait some time until your body poofout.

I was working on something like this in my MUD before I decided to write my
own base code.  Anyway I added a couple of things.   One I added a race
called ghost that players would turn into when they died.  The thinkg about
ghosts where they couldn't do anything (hold, wear, wield, kill, group) but
they could move and talk.  Then I added a new race bitvector in the
structure called death_race (this was set as their first race (ie. human))
So when someone died their race was set to RACE_GHOST and death_race should
have been RACE_HUMAN.  Then I made a special spell (resurect) which when
cast on a person checked to see if they were a RACE_GHOST and if they where
then their death_race was placed in to the RACE_GHOST place.  Understand?
I tried to word it as easily as I could but I think I confused myself..  It
was a simple process and I figured it out by just talking it out to myself.


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