Re: OT: Core Dump

From: Deja Augustine (
Date: 03/19/00

Actually, I posted here AFTER having hunted through the archives for three
and a half hours...

After not finding anything that seemed to address my problem, I resorted to
posting to the list...

I am, as you said, unfamilar to the UNIX environment...I've only been working
with it about a month, now...

And, as you can probably tell, I don't post that often unless I have a
problem that I can't find any help for anywhere else...

At any rate, thank you for actually pointing me to a date, rather than simply
saying "Look at the archives, lamer"  The unfortunate bit is that I don't
have root access, so I'll have to talk to the server's admin about it...

Thanks again,

In a message dated 3/19/00 1:05:06 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> This is _not_ a CircleMUD related question, and has a lot to do with your
>  being unfamiliar with the UNIX environment.  In addition, it seems to get
>  almost weekly play, here, so USE THE ARCHIVES[1].  In fact, check Mar 12,
>  2000 for this thread:
>      [Off Topic] how to fix Mandrake's coredump prob.
>  Which covered multiple solutions to your "problem", and which is not
>  necessarily Mandrake or Linux specific.
>  -dak
>  [1] Wondering where the archives are?  --------.
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>                                               . | .
>                                                \|/
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