NEWBIE[CODE] making a new macro for spell types

From: Christopher Daly (
Date: 03/19/00


i've succesfully implemented a spell type.  For now it's just a value
called type added to spell_info_type.  there are currently four values
defined.  One for each class...MAGE_SPELL, WARRIOR_SKILL, etc.

I can think of several ways to implement this.  I basically want
everyone to be able to learn all skills, but at a cost that takes
into account how far the new skill is from their major discipline...
i.e, a mage spell would cost a warrior at elast four practice sessions
just for one increase.

What i really want to do though is make a macro GET_TYPE that checks
the type of the spell so i can use it directly in a switch statement.
I checke dout the GET_LEVEL macro and it looks like this in utils.h:

#define GET_LEVEL(ch)   ((ch)->player.level)

What i don't get is where does ch come in? i know it is a structure of
type char_data, but i'm confused.  I thought defines were basically just
substituted in ch defined somewhere globally as type struct
char_data? and if so, what would i use if i wanted to define a macro
for the spell_info_type structure...

Essentially i have type as a member of struct spell_info_data, and i
to make a define to return to me the types i've already defined.
Any help would be appreciated..(please don't haze me too much, i typed
newbie in the subject)

If you need more info let me know, i think that's all that's needed hto.

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