Re: NEWBIE[CODE] making a new macro for spell types

From: Del (
Date: 03/19/00

I don't think you understood what he was saying.
At this point "ch" means nothing.
It is a variable, and nothing more.

When you do something like:
 GET_LEVEL(whatever_variable_is_here) = LVL_IMP;

it turns into:
(whatever_variable_is_here)->player.level = LVL_IMP;

In this scenerio your using the player's structure and I called it

Christopher Daly wrote:
> > > #define GET_LEVEL(ch)   ((ch)->player.level)

> I looked up structure pointer operators in my C book and it
> said that the value to the left of the operator was a pointer
> declared to point to a structure, and the value on the right
> was actually a name of a member of that structure....
> I know i'm missing something, but there are no structures named
> ch...there is no member called player...and i would think that
> if ch was somehow initialized to point to struct char_data
> you could just write  ch->level...

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