Re: *Newbie Treatment* (not a newbie question) was [CIRCLE] Newbie Compiler Error

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/21/00

> Hey thats not fair, i was about to send a letter about exactly the same
> thing, i can understand if someone was asking how to code rooms, but i was
> attacked for asking about setting up the camp command, i realise this may
> have come up before, but it is by no means a simple piece of coding, and i
> would have appreiciated no being attacked for asking abiout it. Sorry if i
> sound like a complainer, because normally i am not, but i feel that some
> people have been on the list so long they think they own it.

        It actually is a simple piece of code.  It's seems like one of the
first things people end up adding to their code if they're not using
'rent'.  There have been some pretty complete (including code) postings on
this subject.  Without searching for something like "How to get the
character to save in the room he quits in", I just typed in 'camp'.

        After 4-8 seconds of searching, it found a piece of code in a
message for an 'example dgevent'.  It is the entire camp command;

Removing the dgevent part would take just a few seconds, specifically
moving all the code in the event function into the do_camp function.

        In the time it took to write that run-on sentence, you would have
been done if you had followed del's original advice.  His response may not
have been nice, but you had asked the equivilent of "Would someone look up
which page the dictionary entry for 'camp' is, so I can read it?".  It's
faster to do it yourself, and frustrating to us to deal with this sort of
thing from many people.  It may have sounded like a flame, but it was
accurate advice from someone who knew better.  You really should have
listened to it.


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