Re: *Newbie Treatment*

From: Minturn.Del.PRC.Oceana (Del@PRCOceana.Corona.Navy.Mil)
Date: 03/21/00

And the debate is on!!

> > Look, I'm not trying to start a huge debate here or anything and if you
> > haveserious problems with this feel free to e-mail me directly my email
> > (which I will post at the end of this message.)  It just really
> > me to see people rip into newbies (atleast the newbies take the courtesy
> > say that their post is from them).
> Alright, so let's rip the experienced people who have taken the time to
> these sources.  Sending newbies to the archives and/or FAQ is the easiest
> most logical thing to do - it saves many of us, especially those who have
> written the various FAQs, much time - and it allows the newbie to get more
> questions answered and to a larger extent than if he were to just ask one
> question over the mailing list.

 As stated, I feel this list is for discussions on Circlemud Coding, *With*
benefits of a help-desk. This help-desk portion is at the discretion of
those who
can (and are willing to) answer. When I get stumped and ask a question, I
expect a response, *I hope for one*. Meaning -> I hope that after I look
all resources, and exhaust my resources, that someone on the list can point
me in
the right direction.
At one time, I got (so-called) flamed and was told to get off my duff and
check the
archives. Ya know what? I found it and was glad someone put a fire under my
Those archives not only helped me in CircleMUD coding, but also helped me in
a few
other things as well!!! Where else in the internet can you find results to C

compiler errors and the fix?

<snipped out a lot of comments I did write, but will bite my tongue!)

Q1: What is the CircleMUD mailing list about? How do I post an article?
  The CircleMUD mailing list is for CircleMUD implementers and
administrators to
  gather together to discuss coding techniques, ideas, methods, and
solutions, as
  well as other CircleMUD related discussions such as lib related items (the
  help files, etc), changes needed for Operating Systems, bugs and problems,
and so

The help-desk portion is at the discretion of everyone on the list. I don't
where it is mandatory for anyone to be nice (or harsh) about newbie
I don't like the flaming attitudes like most others, but I don't see much
with them either. There is a circle-newbies list, which greets newbie
with much more respect. They also will get answers to point them in the
direction (archives, and faq's, so they learn where they are, and how to use

I guess my time is up, and will step down off the box now.

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