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From: Fizal (
Date: 03/21/00

At 11:58 PM 21/3/2000 Malaysia, Susan Douglas <> wrote:
>Is there a list just for newbies?

Actually there is a mailing list for newbies which is based on EGroups.
- Subscribing: send an empty message to
- Post messages: send it to
- Read archive on Web: visit

>I made a start at  I mostly copied
>the excellent document created by :

I visited the site a couple of days after your first email about it, but
not recently. The current situation looks much like when Brandon Brown
volunteered to do the WTFAQ (Way Too Frequently Asked Questions) page[1]
tho. Some ask question too often asked, a few tried assisting but at the
end gave up, some complaint about flames instead of help while others tried
to explain the situation.

Here's my suggestion: why not if you, Susan or others for that matter,
collaborate with Brandon to maintain WTFAQ. That is... if he doesn't mind
the extra hand. As far as I know, WTFAQ actually has good
documentations/references explaining stuff, from things that most new imps
will want to implement (more classes/levels, races, spells/skills) in their
mud to references for common Unix/Linux commands to probs faced when
compiling under Cygnus and MSVC to methods for doing a search thru archives
for both this and newbie mailing list.

It seems that the prob that a few people mentioned before might be true
after all -- too many sites offering help for newbies might just confuse
them further instead of helping, especially if all of them are
concentrating some aspects of the mud and not others. When they look thru 1
or 2 of them and can't find what they're looking for, they might just
assume that it's not covered yet. Or when looking thru the archives,
getting 500+ possible hits for a simple search might just be too daunting
for some. I know I was surprised when I did my first search....

[1] WTFAQ site:


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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