Re: *Newbie Treatment*

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 03/21/00

Okay, I have to apologizes for my own post (and that seems pretty sick
)  )  Anyway, I apologizes for the lot of what I had said and would like to
retract most of it (but not all) if that is possible.  All I was tring to
say is that most of the people here (including myself) could benifit from
the use of less hostility in our posts.  I'm not saying don't point people
to the archives or don't tell them their answer is in the archives.  I'm
just saying don't write a nice long message (like mine) about how their
answer is in the archives and then making people feel bad about it.
Putting fire on someone is fine, just don't burn them (too much anyway.  if
your covered in burns you can't type.)

Also why don't we try pointing them towards the newbie mailing list too
instead of just the archives.  Or possibly even puting a newbie mailing
list link next or near where the CircleMUD mailing list link is?  This way
maybe some of the rehashed newbie questions get tossed in the right
direction or something.  Anyway my message is getting long when all I
wanted to do was apologizes for a majority of my actions and say I
(honestly) do respect those "experianced" Implementors who have helped me
along my way and that I didn't mean any disrespect.

I think the big thing I learned out of this is not to post after mid-night
on a bad day..


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