[Newbie]Obuild 08 compiling under bpl17

From: Bob Kucejko (Frostbob@sprynet.com)
Date: 03/21/00

Alright.  I'm going to ask this question only after relentless searching
for the answers coming up with nothing.  I'm STILL trying to stuck obuild
.08 into circle bpl17 and I can't get around the error

act.build.c: structure has no member named 'class'

the code lines it happens to offend include the following...

dest->player.class = src->player.class;


mob_proto[i].player.class = 0;

now, please be gentle because I am still hashing back and fourth between
C++ and C, along with continuing to learn the language.  I had a brain
storm and thought that the function was trying to set the class_num so... I
changed all instances of class to class_num.   for instance...

mob_proto[i].player.class_num = 0;

which gave me the same flippin errors.
 hopefully you guys can help... Thanks..

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