Re: A few questions for the Gods :)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/22/00

> With many people including myself running into the problem of adding
> more AFF flags or what not.  What is the possibilities of the base
> circlemud code adapting another solution to allow coders more
> flexability in this area?
        It shouldn't take anyone more than a handful of seconds to write a
converter for binary files..assuming you add new structs at the bottom;

while(players left to convert) {
  fread(from old file, into new struct);
  fill out new fields
  fwrite(into new file)

> Pfiles seems to be a hot topic as to being able to manipulate/add.
> What is it's posibility of getting changed to ASCII (Sam's?)?

        You can write it yourself. It's fairly simple.  After having
written ascii pfiles from scratch already, I think I'm leaning more
towards a database-centric system.  It'd just be nice to throw everything
(objects, world, zone commands, players, mobs) into a nice database.
Perhaps I will, but not for a bit yet.

> Once apon a time there was a hot discussion and some code tossed around
> for THACO. Even a poll was placed on it I think.. with something like a
> formula to make it exactly like thaco is now, revamped, or close to what
> it is now. What will happen as a result of that topic?  Will thaco get
> revamped?
        In stock code, I'd doubt it.  However, you can - and probably
should - rewrite it yourself.  I jumped on a mud once that still had the
fundamental parts of their system based on the original code - despite the
fact that they had 1000 levels.  After level 30, everyone fought the same.
After level 50ish, everyone had -100 ac (ie, -10).  It was pretty sad.

        I had to spend a decent bit of effort to write up a system for
ours, which is a 0 to 100 thac0, and -100 to 100 ac, but each point of
ac/thac0 counts for something, instead of 1-20, and -10 to 10.  Matter of
fact, I designed the system so it'd be impossible for morts to get less
than -50 ac.


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