Re: [Circle] Senseless arguing - was Re: [CIRCLE] A fewquestionsfor the Gods :)

From: Del (
Date: 03/22/00

The main thing is the command names
One of the OLC's command names will have to be changed.
Other than that they went togather effortlessly!

Ohh yea.. that was with oasis 1.6x not with 2.x

You can rip out a lot of obuilds commands and paste them in without
adding in
all the obuild.

Christopher Daly wrote:
> OB:
> anyone succesfully integrate OBUILD and Oasis? i'm thinking about doing
> it but i'm not sure of all the things i should take into account.
> if someone who knows could mention the appropriate steps, i'll be able
> to take it from there, thanks :)
> BTW this list has provided me with wonderful info that i've adapted and
> used in ways not even in the archives...i just have to speak up for
> those of us who don't intuitively know how to create ascii pfiles or
> converters.

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