[newbie] exp for skills and spells and zedit probs

From: Alex Mann (alex4501@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/23/00

I want to added a small exp increase for each time a player uses a skill, to
help remove the need just for killing to get exp.
I have an idea of adding something like

*skills code in act.offensive.c etc*****
hit = 12 *8; etc...

exp = exp +30*(ch(level\3));


Which would add 30 * a third of the players level, to thier exp.
However i am not a good coder and i have no idea whether this would work or
not, or if this is totaly the wrong idea. Any help appriciated.

I also want to add someway of adding a small amount of exp for moving say 3
exp per move, but i have no idea where this would go, or how to do it. I
have a thought that it may be able to go in ACMD(do_move), if it exists, but
i am not sure, any help cheers.

Also i am still having trouble with zedit, it keeps saying no zone for that
number, i am now sure that it is something to do with the top number, as i
have got one zone working , but i can't seem to find the problem.  I have a
zon for each wld file, i have set the zon top wld file, to the
last(inclusive) vnum in the representative world file. But i still get
problems, any ideas.


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