Re: NEWBIE: OLC Problem

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/23/00

> >Added pos in a place other than the end of the pos's, bumping some
> >previously existing wear pos's to new (messed up) positions.
> I think I did do this....which leads me to another question.  I'd like
> my ear wear position to appear high on the list (very near the
> top...under light, maybe?).  How do you do that if you can't rearrange
> the pos?  Or is it just a matter of making sure the positions are
> rearranged EVERYWHERE?

        Well, there are two ways to do this and neither is newbie
friendly.  The first is to run through your code everywhere that the
positions are listed out, and instead of running though them from
0-NUM_WEARS, follow your own pattern.  It's probably easiest to make an
array with the order in it, and then just iterate down the array.  In this
case, you add the new postions at the end.

        The other way to do this is to alter all your obj files, a quick
perl script could do this quite easily.  Just find the wear position, and
if it's >= to a certain number, increment it.

> >Incorrectly duplicated finger (ring) position if you're adding a
> >wear pos that is 2 pos represented by 1 pos.
> Honestly, I had no idea how to do the two positions represented by 1
> after several failed attempts at it, I created two wear
> positions (left ear and right ear).
        That ought to work.

        Frankly though, I'm not sure why it would crash on medit.  Even if
you don't get core files though, you can still run the mud through the

$ gdb bin/circle
(gdb) run -q -o 4000
Starting program: /my/home/circle/bin/circle -q -o 4000

        Then connect to it from another process, and perform the action
which crashes it.  You'll have the debugging output when you're done.


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